Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Italian Pligramage

Since my supply of photos of recent events has dried up, I thought I'd show a few photos of the Italian Pilgrimage to Marian Valley in honor of the feast day of St Padre Pio.

Here is the entrance procession. The boat boy there is none other then Br Bruno. Br Bruno is from the main Pauline monastery in N.S.W, he then was on retreat before his momentous occasion of his solemn profession. Please everyone keep Brother in your prayers

Here is the censing of the Gospel. I really dislike the “”hippy” fad of wearing the stole on the outside, especially with such an awesome traditional chasuble
Here we are during the Sanctus. Unfortunately the two torches that Marian Valley has were only rediscovered recently (much to the delight of the Fr Prior). So until only New Year's we had to resort to using the Acolyte candles (which you can't actually seen in this Photo).
Here is the procession out. You might notice that for the exit procession we used the two Acolyte candles. We should have had them for the procession in, but because we didn't get any Italian servers we had to juggle the jobs around (I hate juggling).

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