Thursday, January 25, 2007


The Alliance of the Holy Family International with all its institutes are really riding a vocations wave. Since the whole organization is faithful to the Holy Father, they like most loyal orders are riding a vocations wave, while disloyal places like Brisbane are in a literal desert of vocations.

During the retreat 8 postulants were accepted into the novitiate. About 3 of them were from Brisbane, believe it or not!

Here is Fr John Blessing the new novices.

Here is the presentation of the new novices.

Here are the sisters. See religious life is still good, 8 young postulants is very healthy especial compared to up here in Brisbane.

Even whole families have joined the Alliance and this family (minus Fr John) comes from my neigbourhood (let me tell you no vocations).

My advice to all those places suffering a lack of vocations is for them to start to listen to the Holy Father.


irena said...

I was there at the retreat. I'm the aspirant standing with the postulants - second from the right. I'm the Polish girl whose hoping to enter as soon as possible :)

Anonymous said...


Hey there, I've been looking for information about this group, vocational information that is, but I can't find anything about this order. Do you happen to know where I could get vocational information about this congregation?

God Bless,