Friday, June 15, 2007

Allergic to incense?

Allergic to incense? It seems from a medical perspective that you can be allergic to incense, but can you really? Is the allergy natural or demonic? Isn't good Catholic incense that odor that the book of revelations describes as filling heaven and is offered to God most high?
So if incense is used in heaven, and it is a holy sacramental, how can people be naturally allergic to it? If people are allergic to it, is it because of some demonic infestation?
There is the old saying, that a protestant can not stand incense. I'm asking you my readers this, what do you think?

Just today, I was in the city with my friend and we happened to meet up with some of my friend's friends. We walked into Christian supplies a good supplier of devotionals in the city and out of no where my friend's friends commented, quite rudely of how the place smelt. My friend and I smelt nothing. It is said that infested people hate holy things, is this an example of it. I'm currently reading "an exorcist tells his tale" By Fr Gabrielle Amroth and Father mentions that the best way to see if someone is infested is to give him blessed clothes to wear, if he finds them uncomfortable or immediately takes them off, then the person is most likely infested. Would today's incident be an example of this? I'm beginning to suspect so!It's obvious, just walk around a city and you can see how Satan is picking up his game again, especially among the Youth. Is the 1000years over of the rule of Christ, is Satan now let loose on the world for this short time? we can only hope and pray that it is not so!


Stephen said...

Many people ask me about the health impacts of incense. Basically, it is nowhere as noxious or offensive as tobacco smoke. I am only exposed to it once or twice a week. In my view it is probably no more carcinogenic that inhaling smoke from the family barbeque.

People who complain about incense simply dont like it (either too High Church for them or not percieved to be in the "spirit of Vatican II") and look for a heap of practical reasons as to why they are "right"

Renee said...

I'm severely allergic to incense and even with meds and other things I still can't be in contact with it. However, I'd never make a stink about it being used as I know others like it.