Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Special Intention

To all our readers and bloggers. Please pray for the soul of a girl who was tragically killed in a traffic accident in our city last week. She was only 15 and attended one of our Catholic high schools in the city. Her Requiem was today.

I thought that this Collect from Masses of the Dead sums up my sentiments at this time.

Quaesumus Domine, pro tua pietate miserere animae famulae tuae Caitlin, et a contagiis mortalitatis exutam, in aeternae salvationis partenm restitue. Per Dominum.

We beseech thee O Lord, by thy loving kindness to have mercy on the soul of thy handmaid Caitlin, and now that she is released from the contagion of this mortal flesh, to give her part in thine eternal salvation. Through our Lord.

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irena said...

Most certainly will keep her in my prayers. May she rest in peace.