Thursday, June 14, 2007

Personal Update

You Guessed it, it's that time again. EXAM BLOCK, since this is primarily my blog, i will give a bit of a personal update on myself. Last time i did a post similar to this, it was Exam block, so i think I'll keep this trend and give personal updates every time exam block rolls around.

Exams, hmm yes, I'm an average student, I get B's on average now, so I can't complain.Here is a photo of my home altar, notice the change of it's position and the color green is used to signify ordinary time, as apposed to the purple of lent i had in the last post.

A new addition to my room is my library section. The top shelf contains secular books such as the Lord of the rings, while the middle section contains spiritual books, such as "The spiritual combat" and "How Christ celebrated the First Mass" Finally we have the bottom shelf reserved for school books and the ordo, along with a few sacramentals.
Finally we have the down stairs home altar. This altar is used for home devotions and for private mass of any priest that needs an altar. As you can see it is covered with green for ordinary time and hopefully it will covered in purple for advent. You can also see my Lace MCing surplice to the left and my Sarum appareled alb to the right, they are hanging up due to them being washed not to recently.

To top it all off, I was generously given a thurbile by Fr Prior from Marian Valley, he is a very generous priest! So far it's been carted around to be used as an additional thurible, or as a replacement at several churches. Hec I've even set my own fire alarm with it!

To wrap it all up, at the moment I'm praying and contemplating a vocation to the institute of Christ the King, apparently they are coming to adeilade Australia. So please keep me in your prayers.


irena said...

Will surely keep you in my prayers, Braciszku


Summa Theologica said...

I don't think Tolkien would be overly enthusiastic in having his book described as secular, Roman :)

In a letter he wrote he once stated "the Lord of the Rings is a fundamentally religious and Catholic work. Unconsciously at first, consciously in the revision."

Anonymous said...

I am very pleased to read that the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest is coming to Adelaide. I pray for the success of their apostolate and may they attract many good vocations.