Monday, June 11, 2007

Corpus Christi- Mass with the nuncio

I told you there would be lots of good photos from the procession! so many that I need two whole posts for them. First off we have the nuncio's pontifical low mass, with me as his assistant! It was done on a constructed and converted altar stage.

Here the servers process out with the Nuncio
Here are the opening rites, we had a lot of microphone trouble so no one really heard the opening rites!Here his excellency sits for the readings. Unfortunately i couldn't find him a nice throne like chair, so we had to settle for a crappy plastic chair not befitting his excellency, but he was okay with it.
We were scarce for resources, so we had to use a pillow as a missal stand and I flanked his excellency with a microphone, whilst at the same time assisting with the missal.His excellency celebrated mass ad orientam and was quite skilled in doing so, his excellency even knew when to turn around!For the Roman canon, I assisted by his excellency's side with the missal and Eddie and Rainier served with torches and the bell. His excellency and I exchange the sign of peace.
Ecce Angus deiHis excellency distributes communion
Finally we process out with his excellency

Stay tuned more photo posts from Corpus Christi, It was a great honor to serve for the Apostolic Nuncio.

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