Monday, June 11, 2007

Corpus Christi- The actual procession

After much running around and exclaiming "O God" and "God is Good" the procession finally starts, with the altar boys and the clergy processing to the altar stage.
Here is the MC leading the Nuncio and his priest assistants.
The Nuncio ascends the altar steps with a bit of difficulty, but he finally manages to get to the altar without falling down.
The blessed sacrament is exposed. This year I made sure that his Excellency's zuchetto was off before Jesus was exposed. Archbishop ordinary unfortunately left his on last year and people actually picked up on it!
The Blessed sacrament is in motion to begin the procession.This year we had a flanking guard of 6 torch bearers!

We had two thurifers, two MCs, 6 torch bearer, 1 mitre bearer, 2 acolytes , a crucifer, two priest assistants, 1 priest in Choir and an Apostolic Nuncio! As mentioned before, this year we made sure that the Nuncio's skull cap was off!
Unfortunately Fr Jordan could not wrangle up for the nuncio a crosier, which in a way was good because our crosier bearer did not make it to the procession.
about 3/4 of the procession the Nuncio, understandably was tired, so he switched with one of the assistant priests. His excellency then moved to walk behind the blessed sacrament and the MC took the assistant priests place as cope holder. I wished that we had at least 2 deacons come for the procession, it sure would have been great to have the whole range of holy orders!
After the procession reached the altar again, we had the litany of the sacred heart which was lead by the priest to the right and then a gospel was proclaimed by the priest to the left. It was quite unstatisfying to see a bishop just sit by himself on a plastic chair, but unfortunately we didn't really have time to set up a throne flanked by two chairs. Also i don't think it is possible to obtain those mobile thrones of the old mass anymore?
His excellency preach a ripper of a sermon on the true presence.
After the sermon, we sung tantum ergo and moved straight into benediction.
The torch bearers line up for benediction.
Trumpets and bells sounded as the Nuncio gave triple benediction with the blessed sacrament.After benediction the divine praises were said, one of the assistant priests reposed the blessed sacrament and the recessional hymn was sung. There were about 17 servers and priest , if my memory serves me correctly, only 3 priest from the actual archdiocese came.I'd personally like to thank, his excellency Amborse De Pauli the Apostolic Nuncio to Australia for presiding over the procession and for being so receptive of such a young MC. The Nuncio really is a holy bishop, a great asset to the church!
Corpus Christi was a great success, also people were not confused with a change in the order of procession. I'd like to thank the servers, for showing up on time and getting their respective Jobs done. At such a big event as this, the time for the servers to show up at 12 is not a big ask and is quite reasonable, 1 hr to get everything ready, 30 min to establish positions and practice and 30 minutes to fix what ever Satan has tired to do!

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