Sunday, June 24, 2007

Latin mass Brisbane

Due to the much needed repainting of the interior of the Church of St Luke, the location of the indult mass for the archdiocese, the Latin mass community has been temporally moved to the Church of St Ignatius Toowong.
St Ignatius is an awesome church, in the words of my friends "You looked like a kid in a candy store". The church has 4 side altar and one magnificent high altar. I don't think any of these altars have been used for a long time. it's sad to see these awesome works of devotion, prayer and art sit and gather dust!
So far we have only had low masses, but hopefully next week with the cantata, we can really use the church to it's potential.
Stay tuned for more photo posts, especially with this church.


Anonymous said...

Are you training for the priesthood? With an altar in your room, you perhaps should think of a vocation. I had one when I was a teenager-absolutely obssessed with liturgy-now I am in the Dominicans. However one should always beware of ritualism! One must have a deep spiritual life if one is to celebrate beautiful liturgy. God Bless.

Fr Reginald Wilson said...

Very good advice Anonymous. I do hope that Roman 433 is praying for the grace of a vocation. He said in another place that he is interested in the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest. There are so many "sparks" to be fanned into "flame" by prayer these days.

Roman433 said...

Father and Brother, you both need to really e-mail me, i could use some assitance from priests and religious regarding my vocation, you can find my e-mail in profile.

Stephen said...

These pics look great. Its so good to see the latin Mass community using a real stone Altar and having a lot more space to put on good liturgy.