Monday, June 18, 2007

Pontifical Solemn Mass in Rome

On Sunday 19th November 2006, myself and one of my fellow servers attended Solemn Mass celebrated by His Eminence Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna in St Peters Basilica in Rome. The Mass setting was the "Coronation Mass" K317, sung by the Vienna Boys Choir and soloists, accompanied by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

I used the movie function to record the lesser parts of the Mass.

The Mass was celebrated in Latin with the Prophecy and the Epistle in Italian and German respectively (note that I use the correct terms - not first and second reading). The Introit and Responsorial Psalm were in Gregorian Chant. The Alleluia was from Mozart's "Exultate Jubilate" K165.

The Eucharistic Prayer was No.III. The Sanctus was sung before the Eucharistic Prayer. Then after the Consecration, the Acclamation from the Missa Angelus, the Benedictus was sung. Following that the Eucharisitc Parayer was continued.

Holy Communion was about 3 times faster than in our Cathedral.

Here are three clips of the Entrance Procession before the chanting of the Introit.

Then there is the Kyrie. The MC was a bit lazy and did not direct the people to sit. Therefore there were only three people standing:me, his Eminence and the redhead seminarian in front of me.

the Gloria

and as I got more confident with the camera: I took a longer clip during the Creed.

After that as we got into the serious praying of the Mass I turned the Camera off.

I took my handmade Latin Missal (downloaded off the Birmingham oratory website) which did have Eucharistic Prayer No III in it. It is really unfortunate that it is so hard to get proper Novus Ordo Latin Missals.

Finally - here is a pic of myself after the Mass. We attended the Angelus Address, and I tried hard to keep up with the Holy Father's Latin in the responses. In the afternoon, it was off to the Rome Opera for "Tristan and Isolde". So what a musical day!!

I agree with Richard Strauss who said 100 years ago: "All praise of the Vienna Philharmonic reveals itself as understatement."


Anonymous said...

Stephen, try the Daily Roman Missal (Scepter).

Stephen said...

Thanks Anonymous. I will do a search now. The only thing is that I am holding out on a Missal until the new English translation comes through

Anonymous said...

Young men are needed as priests in the Fraternity of St Peter. I think it could be an authentic experience of priesthood. Any takers?