Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Frist Saturday

The next day, after the first Friday vigil i always travel to Marian valley for the first Saturday devotions. One day devoted to the sacred heart of Jesus and one to the immaculate heart of Mary, this is a great way to start the month off.
The devotions start at 10:00 with exposition. Then 2 rosaries are prayed in front of the blessed sacrament. After which is simple reposition and then we launch straight into mass.

Fr Prior celebrated mass, in his new silver chasuble. He also used his monastic amice.
Here Br Luke , removes the missal for the incensing of the altar. It is an old custom to do so, but unfortunately i do not know why you remove the missal, would one of our kind readers inform us?

Fr Prior proclaims the Gospel. Normally for first Saturdays it's just Br Luke and I, but this Saturday we were joined by one of friends Eric.Here Fr Prior gives one of his inspiring homilies.Father Prior waits to receives the gifts. This is a nice close up of the chasuble Father Prior is wearing. Notice that Father wears 5 of the 6 vestments of tradition. The amice, the alb, the cincture, the stole and the chasuble. Many priest now just don on the alb, stole and chasuble , the bear minimum, due to the climate, laziness or taste. I whole heartedly implore priests to return to using at least the 5 vestments, they are rich treasures of the church, even worn by Christ him self at the Last supper and are rich in grace giving symbolism.
At the sanctus. The honor guard of Christ, still just the minimum, but at least it's there.
Here we have the procession out. After the mass, there is about 1 hr for lunch. Just enough time to eat, visit the piety shop, use the toilet and have a quick chat.
After lunch, a priest exposes the blessed sacrament solemnly and we begin the procession.
How I long for the time that you could go on a procession through the streets and proclaim Christ.
After all scripture states that we must proclaim Christ from the roof tops!
Processions are an intergral part of liturgical life, they remind us of how life is a great procession back to heaven, following Christ. But unlike our procession that day, the procession of life is much harder and contains many pains and sorrows.
Be Different, take the hard road.

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