Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ACSA Day 1

Now that I have had some sleep, I can continue spouting the highest praise about the ACSA conference.Having traveled to Canberra in a Convoy of Cars, getting lost in sydney and being stuck in traffic I finally arrived in Canberra. I missed the opening mass and regestration, but I made it just in time for Fr Jordan's welcome and Archbishop Chaput address. Little did I know of the joy that was to come.
On the trip I bonded with a Few fellow brisbanites that I have never met, here is Hobzie Boy, Great guy, really funny and Catholic. Some might say his your average High school Clown, but he was a striking intellectual side and the component most high schoolers lack, FAITH!!!!.

After a much head ache from organizing rooms, finding keys and finding gear, I was finally able to go to the Latin mass already underway in the chapel. I walk in during the homily thinking it's a low mass, nothing fancy, then i see a servers in albs and start thinking it's a cantata, again nothing special, then i see a flash of red off the the side and realize i have to get my camera.
Wow a solemn high mass, pulled off in some dusty multi faith chapel!! the FSSP can really work wonders!The mass was so well prepared, chant, servers and clergy. This mass transformed all those present, it filled them with the Faith, many students that have never been to a tridentine mass fell in love with it at an instant! the power of a well said mass!.

The servers were vested in albs and the MC in a cassock and Gothic surplice. A notable example of the "lewisham" style.
After the mass, I meet JP the MC at the FSSP church in Melbourne, a person who just by seeing photos of him on the net forced me to think "I must meet that guy". I finally did, it was a awsome moment to meet your counter part in another part of the world and the best thing was that he was Polish as well!

He and some other liturgically minded students invited me for pizza, in order to celebrate the motu proprio that was coming out the next day.
Sitting around, talking and eating pizza at 1am. These Guys are some of the best people I have ever met. Catholic Students, great people. The Liturgy , the faith and ordinary life we're discussed in a relaxed atmosphere, it was uplifting to talk with like minded people, after being in the "Catholic school system" for so many years to meet like minded People is a truly meaningful experience.

stay tuned for more posts, believe me there will be a lot.

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Fr Reginald Wilson said...

Glad you loved it. It is wonderful to get support from like minded people. I know, I have just returned from the ACCC conference in Melbourne.