Thursday, July 26, 2007


The Retreat was awesome, what else do i need to say?
Father Bing again, provided great talks on a holy life

The retreat was focused on making a good general confession, a far cry from my year 11 leadership retreat, which was good on a lower level.
Here is the hall that the Brothers converted into a chapel. as you can see it looks better then most parish churches! Daily mass, exposition and the rosary really give that spiritual charge, which is quite welcome once a year. My only regret was that I was unable to join the brothers for morning prayers (Basilian chant liturgy of the Hours) , I slept in.
On the final day of the retreat, none other then Bishop Jarret from Lismore celebrated Holy Mass for us. The Bishop is one of the most outstanding of Australia's Bishops and some might argue that he is the best.
A Bishop, at his throne is a powerful image, especially when shrouded by priests and clergy.
His lordship preached a wonderful homily, very inspiring. The Shepard, teaching the flock.
The Altar is prepared by one of the con-celebrating priests. The Mass was the ordinary form, but in Latin and ad orientam. The elevation of the chalice.
Having the retreat out in the middle of nowhere, has certain draw backs, such as a lack of servers, we were under maned. Ideally we would have had a crucifer and proper chaplains for the bishop with vimpae, but God didn't allow it, this time.
All in all the retreat was great! and provided me with a rare opportunity of serving for a bishop!

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