Friday, July 13, 2007

Br. Thomas Azzi OP

Te Deum Laudamus, a New Dominican.
One of my friends was clothed with the Dominican habit quite recently.
Know that there is a quite a bit of Dominican interest in this blog i thought of posting this wonderful news. Br. Thomas Azzi OP, he's a great guy, you could just feel the holiness around him, please prayer for him, in this age of the church, we once again need the Dominicans.

For a while I had thoughts about joining the Dominicans and i still do, God has not really defined my path yet, so keep praying! I just recently brought a book about the life of st Dominic and I know that it will inspire me, from what i've read so far , st Dominic is an amazing saint!


Fr. Reginald Wilson said...

There were some impressive Dominican students and their Masters at the ACCC conference in Melbourne. Maybe your friend was there?

Br Mannes.OP said...

Its amazing we don't have any photos on our website yet so maybe we could use yours!