Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ACSA day 2

Well now on to the second post about the congress. After a late night (3am) I managed to sleep till 8:15, unfortunately i missed morning benediction. But I had a delightful breakfast with a young seminarian from wagga wagga seminary.
After many interesting talks, we moved off on to buses and headed to St Christopher's Cathedral Canberra.
St Christoper's is a very beautiful cathedral.
The Mass was served by the seminarian's that had come for the congress, thus giving hard working servers like me and JP to have a well earned break. The Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Phillip Wilson , bishop Anthoney Fisher, Archbishop Chaput and host of con-celebrating priests.
I personally don't like the New Roman Style of surplice, looks too much like a rochet.
Here are the Bishops after mass, talking to Aaron Russel, or as we know him indolentserver.
Notice the Pontifical MC's purple cassock. I myself am disappointed due to a lack of assistant deacons or even deacons for such a solemn mass.

Stay tuned , more posts are in the works and for the first time an actual video.


Anonymous said...

The clergy and people made the Cathedral beautiful, I think. St Christopher's has potential, but for now it isn't the most attractive structure consecrated to the Lord's service.

God bless your zeal! You Queenslanders are quite amazing.

Stephen said...

I visited St Christophers Cathedral last year. I didnt have much time in there as I had my liberal Catholic brother with me who wasnt all that interested. As a modern Cathedral (only completed in the 70s) it works well and follows the Vatican II ideal accurately.

Summa Theologica said...

When I visited St Christopher's I was impressed by the stain glass windows. The sanctuary, however, leaves something to be desired but is easily fixable.