Monday, July 09, 2007

Motu Proprio!!!! at last

Dear All,
Alleluia! The voice of the youth has finally been heard. The Latin Rite of the liturgy has just come out of hibernation into the new Springtime of Christian faith for the younger generation.
We have just attended the Australian Catholic Students Association conference for 2007 in Canberra; Motu Proprio, announced by Archbishop Fisher and Bishop Jarrett and released by his holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, on the perfect day of Saturday 7/7/07, has just been recieved with extreme excitment and enthusiam by the cardinal, bishops, priests, nuns, students and others at the conference. A copy of this momentous document has been attached.
The ammassed treasure of centuries prior to 1970 has just been recovered in the form of the Tridentine Latin Rite, which we ourselves experienced in all its glory, prayerfullness, and solemnity at the conference - where has this been for the past 40 years? The Catholic Church has just taken a huge positive step against the onslaughts of secular society, as well as reaffirming its Catholicity and Apostolic roots in the ancient liturgical tradition of the Saints.
Praise be to God and the Holy Spirit working through Christ's Vicar upon Earth, Pope Benedict!
Yours in the fraternity of Christ,
Kosie number plate, Roman433 and Doigy.
ps See you all at World Youth Day 2008!
pps Please forward and spread the news.

My faithful readers, at 1am at night at a canberra internet cafe this e-mail was compose, it embodies the great joy, that filled the Catholic Students of Australia as they heard about the
,Motu Proprio. Much Song and Merry making was made when we got the chance to read the Motu.
1am at an internet cafe, 3 catholic students read the long awaited Motu Proprio. A lot of the people there must of thought that we were crazy, 1am and talking about Latin, the Pope and the Mass!

The rest of the night (we had to leave at 3am to drive back to bris) we spent singing traditional hymns and chants at a local cafe, in the heart of Canberra.
I just got back to Brisbane and am writing up this post, I need sleep, the ACSA congress was awesome, tomorrow i promise i will start writing it all up , together with a lot of photos and for the first time movies!

All in all, Motu Proprio!!!!! finally here! and it has lived up to my expectations.



Thankyou God for our Pope said...

This blog rocks. I am so excited by this Motu Proprio, This is something that the youth I am sure will be very excited by.It sounds like you had an awseome time. I hope that all Catholics every where will be encouraged to strengthen their devotion to Christs Church and to continue to humbly defend the Churches teaching. This Motu Proprio could be a fatal blow for the modernist, and will help revangalise Australia. The church has suffered so much especially in the last 60years, the holy spirit is mending it and eventually the church will be as strong as it once was. The Gates of Hell will never prevail against the church. Lets pray for the Pope,and activley support the Motu Proprio, by maybe attending a tradentine mass or by organising your local priest or a guest priest to offer one. Learning the chants of the mass, the latin responses, and learning how to serve is a lot fun. Singing Polphony is a lot of fun too, the tradentine mass is also very conducive to prayer.. The tradentine mass allows for a greater active participation,Which is what Vatican II called for.

Fr. Reginald Wilson said...

Spread the word among the young people, there is faith out there, in spite of everything.