Saturday, July 14, 2007

ACSA Day 3 , the Night

As promised here a photos from the war memorial. The war memorial looks more fitting for a cathedral rather then a memorial for the dead, I notice that the memorial had awesome acoustics, so a few of us decided to road test it.
You know nothing fancy, just a kyrie and a salva regina, we drew a few curious on looker, some hung around waiting for an encore. One of our group recorded our out of tune chanting so hopefully we will have a video to post soon of it.
You can see so many interesting people have gone to war, including this priest.
As I said more fitting for a Cathedral, but it is an outstanding work of architecture. Apparently I was intended to be place across from parliament, so the politicians would be reminded of the horrors of war every time they stepped out of parliament.
Next we moved back to our accommodation for some pizza and more partying , Catholic style.

Later that Night I was kindly invited by Jackub Doig to spend the 4hr or so night at his house, needless to say we didn't sleep at all. First thing I notice about the apartment, is how polish it look, coincidently Jackub is in love with Poland, so he treated me as some hero. But the really fun part for me was the book case full of good books and the biretta. Then I found out that he rents the apartment from a priest, who is in a mission in Africa, wow.
A nice photo of Jackub's study desk, simple, yet holy. Now back to that awesome book case, even a fortesque from 1920! A few missals, a liber and a libers, awesome and to top it all off the roman ritual in English and Latin!
And here is Jackub, great Man , very polish, he's not of decent, or of birth, but what the hey, he's more polish then a lot of the polish youth at any polish schools I've been to.

Sorry about the brief write up, but I'm stressed for time, one more post to come and it's the trip home! I see my co-bloggers have satisfied all your intellectual needs.

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