Monday, July 30, 2007

Help Of Christians

Time for one of my musical posts. A have decided to dedicate a whole post to my favorite hymn.

Help of Christians guard this land,
from assault or inward stain;
Let it be what Christ has planned,
his new Eden where you reign.

Teach us that in Christ your Son,
lies the wisdom to be free;
For the Cross, which we would shun,
is man's tree of liberty.

Should the powers of hell arise,
and our peace be trampled down,
In that night of blood and lies,
show us still your twelve-starred crown.

Take from us the coward heart,
Fleeting will divided mind,
Give us sight to play our part,
Through the world around is blind.

Image of the risen life,
Shinning in eternity,
Glimmer through our earthly strife,
Draw us to your victory.

As i said my favorite hymn, when ever i hear it it lifts my spirit
and awakes in me a sense of pride in being a Catholic in Australia.
If anyone has a recording of it being sung, please do e-mail me
and for those that do not know, my e-mail address is on my profile.

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