Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fr Tattersall's visit

Last Sunday I had the awesome privilege of meeting Fr Tattersall, a Priest who many have told me that I must meet! and I wasn't disapointed, he is clearly a holy priest.Father delivered an uplifting homily on free will and God's grace.
Father's deep voice was great at such a church, you could hear his voice just resonating after he spoke.
Here are photos of the Latin mass community after mass.

Father Jordan told everyone that "we have a good problem, of having too many people to be in one photo". Apparently the parish priest of Zillmere said that he has not met a single young person interested in the extra ordinary form, well here's a truckload!

I hope to see Father Tattersall latter in the year when I head down to Melbourne for the solemn pontifical high mass at the throne, celebrated by Archbishop Hart.

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Fr. Reginald Wilson said...

Dear Roman 433, I, too, hope to be in Melbourne for that Pontifical High Mass. Maybe our paths will cross!